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CO2 Boost Buddy


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The Boost Buddy is a safe, organic way to add Co2 to your smaller indoor growing environment (4x4 or smaller) and is usable during all stages of growth from vegetative to fruiting. "The Boost Buddy" is constantly producing Co2 and requires no daily maintenance and produces no electricity or heat. Simply place "The Boost Buddy" inside your growing environment and watch as your garden grows and benefits from it's all-natural Co2. For areas larger than a 4x4, The Boost Buddy is to be used as an "ACCESSORY ONLY" to your all-natural, organic Co2 generator The Co2Boost. ("The Boost Buddy" serves only as a compliment to Co2Boost and does not create or distribute enough Co2 to suffice a garden of any larger size. For serious growers, we strongly recommend that in order to provide sufficient Co2 for your indoor growing environment that you first implement the Co2Boost direct distribution system before adding "The Boost Buddy".) SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "THE BOOST BUDDY" AND OTHER CO2 BAGS ON THE MARKET???? -While other bags are basic mushroom kits with 3 or 4 ingredients (mostly sawdust and grain!) "The Boost Buddy" boasts 15+ different Co2 enhancing ingredients that produce up to 5x more all-natural Co2 for your indoor garden. -Other bags have only one small seal for their release of Co2. "The Boost Buddy" comes with a breathe strip three times the size of our competitors, which allows for a larger and more consistent stream of ppms to your garden over its impressive six-month life span. -Due to a lack of proper ingredients the manufacturing process of other bags with simple mushroom kits takes anywhere from 24-48 hours. The creation of each "Boost Buddy" is an intensive 30-45 day process complete with proper conditioning of all our 15+ Co2 producing ingredients. This process includes exposing these ingredients to a wide range of extreme temperatures to ensure that all the harmful bacteria are removed and that each bag is producing very large amounts of SAFE all-natural Co2 for your indoor garden.

  • Model: CO2 Boost Buddy
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9lbs
  • Manufactured by: CO2 Boost

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