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Portable Air Conditioner Split Cooled 3.5 Ton


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The Kwikool Commercial Portable Air Conditioner model KKSP221 features 42,000 BTU of cooling in a true commercial portable air conditioner. For industrial use, greenhouses, warehouses, and more, a commercial portable air conditioner offers sturdy construction, reliability, and an array of useful features. A commercial portable air conditioner can provide the powerful and reliable cooling that you need, and you can take it with you when you leave.

The KwiKool Portable Air Conditioners can truly be used in almost any environmental condition. It is rated from 60? to 110?F and functions perfectly as a spot cooler. But it does more - much more. The KwiKool Air Conditioner has a thermostatic expansion valve which adjusts the flow of freon to suit the ambient conditions, Also, its sophisticated microprocessor control system and advanced constant pressure and fan-control freeze protection allows the unit to maintain a temperature set point with pinpoint accuracy for critical environments at temperatures down to 60?F. KwiKool's unique In/Out Integral Condenser system is what you want to use. This exclusive feature brings air from outside of the conditioned space to cool its condenser, then pumps the hot air back outside of the cooled room totally isolating the condenser air from the enclosed cooled area. Outside air and Inside air are never mixed (ducting not included). This is a balanced air flow system. This is the only Portable Air Conditioner on the market today that has this unique ability built-in. When you want the best, you need KwiKool!

This Kwikool commercial portable air conditioner is part of the SPLAC line of fully featured commercial portable air conditioners. The SPLAC series of commercial portable air conditioners are loaded with features and can be rolled into almost any environment to produce excellent results. SPLAC series commercial portable air conditioners are equipped with advanced features such as microprocessor controls, I/O integral condensers, and heavy duty insulated cabinets. Additionally, SPLAC series commercial portable air conditioners ship standard with a 5 gallon water tank, include an internal condensate pump, feature an expansion valve and microprocessor controlled freeze protection, and can reach lower temperatures than the than other commercial portable air conditioners. SPLAC series commercial portable air conditioners can reach temperatures in the high 60's. SPLAC series commercial portable air conditioners were designed specifically for the business consumer who demands quality, performance, and reliability. All units will fit through a standard doorway.

The KKSP4221 unit runs on 35 amps at 230 volts

  • Model: KKSP221
  • Manufactured by: Kwikool

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